Stage Fright

Stage fright is a funny thing and it is interesting to see how it affects people. My 9 year old daughter was ‘principal for a day’ at her school and one of the things that were a part of that honor, was the opportunity to make the announcements at the end of the day.

I was there listening for announcements just before 2:30 pm. As usual, I heard the principal – the real one – making the announcements. Hmm – I certainly didn’t mind but I was a little surprised. I guess I didn’t need to take off work for that!

Lucy told me she was too nervous. I could definitely understand that – I was painfully shy as a kid and still don’t do phone calls. Now that I think about it, I don’t do meet and greets either. I live the live of a hermit. Poor Lucy didn’t have a chance! But the principal is a wonderful woman – she told Lucy that it didn’t matter and that she could lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance. Awesome – Lucy was excited about it.

She started getting nervous around 7:00 last night. This is a girl that plays in numerous recitals every year, she volunteered for talent shows, she does gymnastics – but talking was a push too far. I told her I would go in with her but that didn’t help – she went to sleep really worried about the next day.

This morning she woke up and her first words were about not being able to do the Pledge. Nothing I said made a difference. She was in tears most of the way to school.

Walked into the school and the principal waved at Lucy. Once she saw her face, she was so reassuring. Lucy was reminded that no one would see her – it would just be her voice. I offered to do it with her. Nope – she was too scared. Principal handled it well – she told Lucy that she needed some help at lunch and could she help out then? Lucy nodded and hugged me as if it were her last act on earth! All was well after that and she was great and happy. I would have thought recitals would be scarier but I guess she feels competent at the piano. Not so competent in front of her classmates…

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