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I went bowling for the first time in a long time the day school let out. I normally refuse to take the kids – I did something to my elbow and now I have tennis elbow which has affected what I can do with that arm. We’ve gone a few times and I’ll read or bring some work along but I wanted to do something I could do with the kids.

We bowl on the Redstone Arsenal – the prices can’t be beat. To top of their good prices, they were selling passes so that you would end up bowling 50 games at $0.50 apiece. At that price, I had nothing to lose so I rented some shoes (why can’t I EVER remember to actually bring my bowling shoes from my league days?!!) and picked out a super light ball. That first throw told me what a mistake I had made. The pain just shot through my arm. How old am I anyway? [don’t answer that] It was a quandary for me. I wanted to bowl. I went and got a beer while I thought about it. This was my first beer in years and years except for a sip here and there at home. This was also my first time out in years and years in which I wasn’t married! The kids were scandalized – I don’t think they had ever seen me take a drink except the odd wine here and there for Thanksgiving. The beer didn’t exactly clear my mind for a solution to my bowling problems but Kaileigh did – clear my mind that is. She said – ‘just bowl with your left hand’. Yeah – right – easier said than done I figured.

My next throw was with my left arm – I picked up the spare. Hmm – there is potential here! I made my average with my left arm although I fell off a bit in the second game. Poor old left arm wasn’t used to being the lead in any situation! But I’m back to bowling – left-handed for now, but it isn’t that obvious that I wasn’t always a left-handed bowler!

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