going out · reflective

Going out…

I went “out” for the first time as a newlyunwed on Wednesday night. I was so nervous that I had to laugh at myself. I was planning on meeting up with a group of women call the JUGS (Just Us Girls). I have made a promise to myself that I was going to try to meet people and to stop being so hermit-like. So I joined a website called MeetUp.   It is a pretty good website if you are interested in meeting up with people with similar interests in your area. And really, who isn’t seeking to hang with people with similar interests?!  I’ve already joined a number of groups but this was to be my first meetup with any group.  The plan was to go to Club Rush, take a quick lesson in Salsa dancing and then dance the rest of the night.  It was hard for me to go into the club – it has probably  been 20 years since I’ve been to a club.  One determining factor was the fact that the club made it a no smoking night for Salsa Night.

So away I went – got a really good parking spot right around the corner.  I touched up and retouched up my lipstick in anxious nervousness.  I was ready and excited about meeting some other women that wanted to do things.  I paid the $5 cover, got a Heineken Bier and looked around.  It was smaller than I expected but everyone was really friendly.  Too late, I realized that I didn’t know what any of the women looked like.  I guess in my mind, it would be easy to recognize them but in reality, there were a lot of clusters of women.  The JUGS that said they were going to be there did say that they may bring someone so I couldn’t just see if there was a group of women with no men although I did approach a number of those tables.

Approaching tables of women I didn’t know what quite an achievement for me and maybe that was the purpose of me going.  But no one was with the JUGS and finally, I gave up.  I had reached my limit on talking to people I didn’t know.  Later, I saw an email saying that they sure had fun.  Personally, even I enjoyed it even though I didn’t dance or socialize.  I found a seat in a dark corner and observed people and updated my calendar.  While I’m sure that doesn’t sound like a rousing night, it was good.  I actually made plans and carried through and that felt like a step forward in my life…..

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