haiku · reflective


I was so exhausted today – I woke up with my alarm and just kept resetting it.  I finally decided it was time to get my feet on the floor and I actually fell back asleep in the almost up position.  I finally did drag myself up and then to work but felt the need for a nap once I got there.  Not something that is really possible.  The job I’m doing right now is reviewing procedures to be sure they make sense and that they follow certain standards – this is a job a lot of people don’t enjoy but I get a true satisfaction from making the procedures a much better product.  It is one area in my life that I feel that I can control and in which I do a pretty good job.

But today it took forever to review just one procedure.  I would get up to walk around, I was chewing gum (something I almost never do), I had some caffeine yet nothing worked to make me more alert.  I looked forward to going home and taking a nap.  One that would last until morning!

But the girls wanted to go to the swimming pool.  I agreed as long as I could nap while they were at the pool.  So I dropped off the girls and layed my seat back for a bit of a rest.  Forty-five minutes later I awoke – yet I still felt exhausted.  That is when i started looking at what I ate the last day or so.  Food does a real number on my system and I can link many problems back to something I ate.  That was when I remembered that Robert and the kids returned from Wisconsin yesterday and they brought me some cheese curds and a Kringle.  Yum to both!  Unfortunately, both have been known to upset my stomach.  Especially the cheese – that is when it hit me.  Cheese = dairy.  Dairy = sluggishness.  Whenever I eat anything dairy, I literally drag the next day or two as I try to regain balance.  This was a dairy tired.  I was almost relieved to know there was a decent explanation; and that tomorrow may (or may not) be a much better day!

A handful of cheese
Can make some people tired
Tasty, fiendish cheese.

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