I can certainly understand why cats have had the reputation of being familiars for witches – they are mysterious, quiet and very curious.  Well, actually quiet is relative.  We have one cat that always makes his presence known with his raucous cries!  This would be our cat, Rembrandt.

Rembrandt is an interesting fellow but at times, it is spooky at how quickly he gets around.  I’ll be coming upstairs when suddenly I look down, and there is Rembrandt, right in the middle of the path I want to take.  I move around him and go to the kitchen and as I enter the kitchen, what do I see on the floor?  That’s right; Rembrandt is right in my path again.  I have no idea how he got from the stairs to the kitchen without me seeing or hearing him move.  He is just there.  Then, heading out to the car, there he is.  Calmly laying right in the middle of the path I was taking to my car.

Kaileigh and I agree – we don’t see him move but he is always right in our path.  When I come home in the evening, I’ll walk to the house and in between the car and the house, Rembrandt finds a way to get directly in my path at least 4 times.  I’ve tried to watch for his moving but have not caught him at it yet.  He is great friends with the dogs and will jump into the guinea pig cage if given a chance. He and Taboo take turns grooming each other.  It is really a sweet thing to see.

Tigger is another example of a cat with mysterious habits.  We found him at a fire station and I would feed him anytime I was near the station.  Finally, I heard someone talking about taking him to the pound and I took him home due to his good nature.  We had him home with us for less than a month when something happened outside and we found him with the flesh of his jaw stripped from the bone.  When his mouth was closed, you could still see a furry strip hanging down, making his mouth appear open.  We didn’t notice it when he first walked into the house.  We were joking with him and passing him from one person to another commenting on how much weight he had gained since we took him in.  One of the kids mentioned that his jaw looked funny.  At first I thought he had a broken jaw but as I waited at the vet’s office, I could see it was much worse than that.  The surgery was expensive but he is such a sweet cat that it was worth it.  He is peaceful, fluffy and loving and maybe, just maybe, a little bit portly!!  He is living the high life now!

Interestingly enough, we have had a number of cats disappear.  But only the female cats disappear.  Our family of male cats still remain.  The last female cat we had disappeared a few weeks ago.  But happily, she reappeared last night.  Skinny, hungry and desperate to be held, she is back and we are happy to have her.  Tabby is as happy as anyone!

Best of Friends
Tabby and Rembrandt cuddling together
Tabby and her kitten
Tabby and Spook

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