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The Big 1-0

My 9-year-old daughter starts planning her birthday celebration the evening of her current birthday celebration.  This year, she will hit the big 1-0.  I had to laugh when I heard her use that phrase – especially since I’m quickly approaching the big 5-0!  Today she informed me that her birthday was 2 months and 11 days away.

The last number of birthdays, she had requested a pug.  She wanted a pug more than anything else in the world.  She was so young – I figured it for a passing phase and tried waiting her out.  Nope – she was as loyal to pugs as anything I’ve ever seen before.  For each and every occassion, she requested a pug as a gift.  It was unreal!  Finally, I came across a few abandoned pugs and I took a male and a female.  Happily, Lucy adores the pugs.  They are such silly little critters but very loving.  As I type, Ninja is laying with his head on my lap just snoring away.  They sleep with me when Lucy is at her Daddy’s.

Now that she has her pugs, she has been testing the waters with her new wishes.  It has been simple enough; an iPhone (not likely), and iPOD touch, band hero for the Wii so that we would also have the drum set – easy enough.  But today, she gave me a call and told me that for her birthday, she really, really, really wants a snake.  She isn’t particular – any  kind of snake will do.  She doesn’t want to catch a snake in our woods – she wants a tame snake.

I’m not one of those women that swoons at the sight or mention of snakes.  If I see one outside, I give it some space and leave it alone.  If I see one in the road, I stop and try to encourage it into the grass to prevent anyone from killing it.  But in my mind, some animals are meant to be in the wild.  Some animals just are NOT meant to be pets.  Snakes fall into this category for me.

Sadly, I told Lucy my views and she began crying in disappointment.  This is something she is asking for 2 years from now and yet she is so disappointed NOW that it brings her to tears.  She finally got me to agree to think about it.  I told her I would definitely give it some thought but that it was unlikely that I would change my mind.  For now, she is satisfied with that.

So now, she is back to her regularly scheduled party planning for the big 1-0…….

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