divorce · reflective

Signs from above

I’m going through a lot of changes right now, the biggest of course, is my divorce.  I have serious regrets that we couldn’t get along well enough to stay married.  But I don’t regret the divorce – it was long overdue and now Robert and I can get on with our lives without the disharmony that existed between us. One night early this month, I was standing outside.  The kids were with their Dad, the dogs were gathered around my legs.  I gazed up at the sky thinking about how insignificant any one person actually can be.  The stars were bright and seemingly infinite.  I could hear an owl in the distance and the remote yipping of canines.  I could feel the grass, wet under my feet.  I put out a thought to the universe asking for a sign of what is to come.  Peace?  Financial security?  Love? Suddenly, down at my feet, I felt an unmistakable warm sensation.  I look down with resignation to see Ninja (the pug) peeing on my ankle/foot.  This was not the sign I was  hoping to receive.  I may be the butt of a cosmic joke! However, the other day, when I least expected it, I saw a beautiful rainbow.  Since my email includes the word rainbow, I’ve decided that this is the sign I was looking for.  There may be some rain, but the sun is waiting to come out again!

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