Calvin Klein

We attended a wedding in Ohio (beautiful, beautiful wedding!).  From our home, we drove to Chattanooga, flew to Houston, Texas, flew back to Chattanooga and drove North to Cincinnati.  It was a whirlwind of a vacation but very enjoyable and relaxing.  Of course, I didn’t check Keegan’s bag before leaving Huntsville and he had packed exactly zero items to wear to a wedding – unless of course you think of a swimsuit as fine wedding attire!

So I went to the Kenwood Mall in Cincinnati to pick up some clothes for him the day before the wedding.  Nice slacks (a little big for growing room – I don’t want them to be one time only pants), a nice shirt (same sizing philosophy), a belt and the pièce de résistance – shoes.  His first pair of really, really nice dress shoes.  They are a size 14 Calvin Klein shoes.

What surprised me was the thrill he got from the shoes.  He loved them and treated them with such care.  He was proud to wear them and didn’t mind getting dressed up.  In fact, he loves them so much that he wants Calvin Klein pants, Calvin Klein tie, Calvin Klein shirt, Calvin Klein belt – even Calvin Klein underwear!  He also asked for a blazer to go with his duds.  I’ve never seen him so excited about clothes.  It is really charming to see this side of him…

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