Back to School

We have begun the exciting job of gathering all the supplies that will be needed for that great end of summer event, Back to School!!  As a child, I loved back to school shopping – not the clothes – in fact, the clothes were a bit traumatic, but the supplies.  Notebooks, pencils, protractors, rulers….I couldn’t get enough of them.  I would get home and stack and organize my supplies.  Then I would restack them and reorganize them and eagerly await the first day of school when I could actually use my new things.  I look back at this time with great fondness and great puzzlement – what is so exciting about school supplies?

I still can’t answer that question – I took the kids on the first of a number of shopping trips and lawsy me, I am still just as thrilled by the sight of all of the new notebooks, pencils, protractors and the like!  I come up with reasons that I need a few things for myself but in reality, I try to restrain myself since it is expensive enough buying for three kids.  Our first outing cost around $450 and there were plenty of things that were not available at Target.  So I can look forward to at least one more trip to get grid composition books and other exotic supplies not supplied at Target.

That doesn’t even begin to address the need for clothes.  Keegan doesn’t think he needs any clothes but I don’t think he can get by wearing the same pair of shorts for a month at a time as he has done during the summer (convict me – it just wasn’t a battle worth fighting!!).  Lucy has grown a couple of inches and her clothes look ridiculously small on her (although she does look good in everything she wears!).  Kaileigh has filled out as well so it looks like clothes are on the front burner before school starts.

I lamented at the $450 but once I broke it down, it didn’t seem quite as bad.    That is approximately $150 per child.  I really need to look at it in this manner or I’ll go crazy!  As a kid I looked forward to school starting for various reasons – as an adult, I also look forward to school starting for an entirely different reason!  Just a few more weeks…..

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