Sweet baby

We’ve had a surprise addition to our family in the last few weeks – it is an adorable baby pug.

I should start this by saying how firmly I believe in spaying and neutering your pets.  There are so many dogs and cats in the world without homes and I feel strongly that we have a duty to stop treating animals as disposable commodities.  I have more cats than sense and more dogs than cats!  I am well on the path to being the crazy cat/dog lady of the neighborhood.

I have many dogs, two of which are full bred pugs that had been abandoned at a boarding kennel.  They had been in a breeding situation and I took them in with plans to have Daisy spayed and Ninja neutered.  We went to Houston back at the end of June and while we were gone, I took the pugs to be boarded at the vet.  While there, I requested the surgery.  They were both scheduled for the next morning.

These pugs have been together their entire lives.  I was going to just get one but I couldn’t separate them.  When it came time to board them, I couldn’t separate them either.  Not to mention the money it saves only using one kennel.  The next day I had a phone call – Ninja was recovering nicely but Daisy could not be spayed because she was in heat.  I figured I would schedule it at another time.

Now move forward about 60 days – I’m in the bathroom looking at Daisy when I notice that she appears to have milk.  She doesn’t look any bigger anywhere else but there was no mistaking the signs.  I told Lucy that Daisy appeared to be pregnant.  On Tuesday night (the 24th of August) Lucy insisted we make a box for her. After much wheedling, I finally agreed.  I was hoping to do it on Thursday.  We made a box, put blankets into it and Daisy made herself comfortable.  Lucy and I were both strangely gratified at how much Daisy appeared to like our box!

The next morning, I went to wake up Lucy and was again strangely gratified to see Daisy sleeping in her box.  On second glance – it wasn’t just Daisy –  she was busy nursing one beautiful baby pug.  Ninja had the last laugh on all of us…..

proud papa looks on
The Pugs

One thought on “Puggy

  1. What a cutie, At 1st when I saw the new pug in your hand I thought it was either a little monkey or one of those minature pigs I have read about lately. As much as you like animals, neither of those options would have surprised me.

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