sands of time

It embarrasses me how easily I let time slip through my fingers. I’ve had plans to update this blog on some kind of regular schedule but I blink and two months have flashed by. No matter how busy I get, I know I could carve out a few minutes a day to jot a semblance of my thoughts.

Time has always been a challenge for me. I guess I think as long as I don’t look at my watch, time will stand still for me. The old ‘head in the sand’ method is truly not working for me. I like to think that it isn’t all my fault. My watches are not that reliable. Time literally does stop and start if I use my watch as a reference. Or time will jump – and the direction is never predictable. I can set my watch in the morning and by noon it will be off by twenty minutes. Or an hour. Or it may be right on the money. So I’ve gotten accustomed to doing things on some random time scale.

But I know I frustrate many people by being late. I frustrate myself. So I am making a huge effort to make improvements in the way I run my schedule. I haven’t gotten to the point that I am early for things – the thought of getting somewhere early and perhaps having to make small talk is more than I can handle right now but I am doing better at being on time. Now if I could only make my blog updates fall into line……

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