They say nothing is certain except for death and taxes and today I’m facing the reality that taxes MUST be turned in by midnight tonight.  Back in April, when I filed an extension, October seemed a million years away.  I was still married, still on console at work and still optimistic that the extension was only for a few weeks while I got my crap together.

I planned on taking my information to a CPA that I used last year but again, time got away from me and I didn’t have time to pull together my W-2’s and sundry other information.  So here I am, at the last-minute, pulling together all the information required to be a responsible member of the United States of America.  It is a bit horrifying to me after printing out my W-2 to see exactly how much I have already paid in federal and state taxes.  If I take the high road, I will realize that the fact that I’ve paid so much in taxes means that I had a fairly good job but even so, I am a bit aghast to see the number.  Especially when I look at the government and see the waste and baloney that goes into running a bureaucracy such as ours.

Ah well – enough of a break – back to holding the nose to the grindstone as I try to eek out one more deduction to help with my tax bill…….

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