I’ve always been a bit disorganized (in an organized way of course – a concept hard for many to grasp!) and time has always been abstract but lately I don’t even seem to be in the ballpark on either topic. I seem to be getting more done at home but evidentally I’m in some kind of time warp when I do whatever it is I’m doing. I’ll look at my watch and I’ll wonder where I could actually lose 2 to 3 hours.

Today’s example was going home to pick up my cell phone which was forgotten in the last minute rush to get the kids to school on time. At least I think I forgot it – it could be in one of my bags since I ended up leaving home again without the phone. But when I got to my bedroom, I noticed a sock that matched another sock in the sock bucket. I put them together and then noticed another match. Before I knew it, I had matched about 20 pair of socks but rather than the 5 or 10 minutes it felt like, it was more like 45 minutes.

Then I went upstairs to leave and I saw the washing machine. Hmm, I think to myself – why don’t I just hang the laundry out on the line? After all, how long can that take? So I hang out the laundry – a incredibly relaxing task for me. Bringing it in is another story altogether! Now the washer is empty so I might as well start a new load. I start a load of delicates that I’ve been saving. I go to the kitchen to write a quick note to a friend for mailing in the afternoon mail. By the time that was done, the laundry had run it’s course and I might as well hang it out to dry.

I guess I can see where the time goes although it never feels like hours to me. A lot of this goes back to my being so disorganized and allowing myself to jump from one task to another. I have got to find a way to focus better……….

One thought on “organization

  1. Hi There,
    I’m exactly the same way — I seldom complete the task I set out to deal with when my day is over. By the way, did you ever find your cell phone which was your initial objective???

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