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This dog loved the snow!

Well, I got a bit behind again with a few health problems and schedule overloads but I’m back and trying to make a few updates!  Since I last wrote, we have had two awesome snowstorms.  Sometimes I think that it is only native Southerners that can truly think of a snowstorm as awesome and I know a lot of Southerners don’t agree with me!  The first storm came on Christmas Day – it was an honest to goodness white Christmas here and I was absolutely delighted.  I would have been even happier if I had not had to deliver my three kids to my ex-hubby on Christmas morning and then take them to the airport but I guess that is part of being divorced.  When we woke up and saw all of the snow and saw that Santa had come, there was mass excitement in the house.  I was a little hopeful that all flights would be cancelled but no such luck.  It took about 40 minutes to make it to Robert’s (instead of 15) and I get there and see Robert’s girlfriend’s car in the driveway.  Hmm – I had not met her as of this time and I didn’t meet her then.  I’m not sure why she didn’t take everyone to the airport rather than me but I’m glad I got to make the trip to town.  We got to the airport a scant 30 minutes before the flight but they made it.  My big regret was that we would not be making a snowman or snow ice cream but little did I know that an even bigger snowfall would occur after that!

The next snowfall was tremendous!  It started in the evening and the kids ran out to play in it.  They used empty dog food bags as sleds and slid down every hill they could find.  They didn’t come in until after midnight and it was still snowing at that time.  It was absolutely beautiful the next morning with schools being cancelled.  Even my office was closed which was great!  Lucy made an awesome snowman and I showed them how to make snow ice cream.  I didn’t remember how delicious snow ice cream tasted but I do have fond memories of my Mom making it when I was little.  With the number of dogs that I have, I did caution the kids not to pick yellow snow for the treat no matter how pretty it might look!!!  The schools were closed for a solid week which was a thrill for the kids.  It was a magical time…….

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