I am having to deal with rather expensive home problems right now.  Even when my Dad was alive, the floor in the living room was weakening.  Now however, I think they are about to give way.  I had planned on new wood floors and even had someone come out to give me a bid.  Unfortunately, he told me that there was too much moisture and that a new wood floor would not survive for long.  I sat on that information for months not knowing who to turn to next.  I finally called a foundation guy to find out what needs to be done to reduce the moisture content.

The foundation guy found that there were a lot of rotten areas of the floor mostly at the edge of rooms.  I guess the good news is that this is mostly in the living room and the bathroom.  The bad news is that it is really, really rotten and it doesn’t seem like it will hold up much longer.  I knew it was getting much worse lately, especially around the bathtub.  Ugh.  Although I do look forward to getting new things in the bathroom!

The men came out one morning to jack up the kitchen floor.  It is in really good, solid shape and feels great with the support under it.  But when they came up from the crawl space, I was told that moisture wasn’t really a problem under there.  What I have are termites.  Termites eating away at my floor slowly.  I’m hoping that I have some coverage through my insurance company.  I’m looking for my policy so I can read it rather than depend upon my agent to tell me.  But tomorrow, I’ll probably call whether or not I have located the policy………

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