Dead Van

The van is dead, long life the ……. uh, oh – I have nothing to replace it with!  Nothing to live long and prosper as it transports me from home to school to work and wherever else it may take me.  It is a sad day in history – this is the van that we bought when Keegan was born (yes, back in 1998!).  The van that has taken numerous trips to Wisconsin, Texas and beyond.  The van that Robert (ex hubby) took over when he wrecked our 626 and had to purchase a new car.  The van that Robert sold me a few months ago for what it turns out now, was too much money! Sure, I still have two other cars and yes, I know how lucky I am.  But neither of the other two cars are ideal for a tall family of 4.  Keegan and Kaileigh hover around 6 foot tall and to see them fold themselves into the seats is sometimes hard to watch!  Add backpacks or musical instruments and even I feel cramped! So now I’m looking for a van.  One, hopefully, with more life in it than the old faithful Sienna – aka, the Duck…..

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