Yesterday was a busy day – Lucy had soccer at 10:30, music at 11:30 and then we went to Petsmart for a few things for the critters.  I was really tired after that but the girls talked me into the mall later that evening.  I kind of went grudgingly – I would have rather been napping because of my weird sleep problems.  When we got to the mall, Kaileigh suggested getting our nails done.  Well, I’ve never been much of one for fingernail polish and I really didn’t want to do it.  She kept talking until I thought about those doggone cuticles and how I’ve been trying for weeks to get them under control.  Hmm…..maybe a manicure wouldn’t be such a bad idea!!

We got to the nail place in the mall and Kaileigh told me that I really needed a pedicure.  That did sound good to me – I do polish my nails and it looks it.  You know, like I polish my nails!!  I can never make them look as good as they do at the salon.  But I looked at the cost and figured I could still do it myself.  I just needed to remove the old polish first……..It wasn’t 10 minutes later that I was sitting in a vibrating chair with my feet soaking in warm water.  Maybe it is worth the cost!!

As I sat having my nails done, watching the big screen TV that was tuned to a football game, I wondered how they decided upon having football on the big screen.  There were no men clients at the time and very few of the women were watching the game.  Then I noticed a number of the nail technicians watching the game avidly.  I guess the answer was clear…..our Asian friends have embraced American culture wholeheartedly…….

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