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Random Thoughts

  • You don’t have to be having fun for time to fly…….
  • Before work, I usually take a quick look at myself in my rear view mirror.  I get out of the car knowing that I am looking pretty doggone good! However, I later catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and see what the world sees.  Evidently, I look a lot better in a rear view mirror…………..
  • When did it become so complicated to pick a simple white paint?  There is Extra White, Pure White, Westhighland White, Alabaster, Flour, Cotton White, Whitetail, Pacer White (whatever that means!), Panda White, Pearly White, Dover White, Creamy, Lace, Simple White, Nice White, Gauzy White, Oyster White, Superwhite, Reflectance White, Snowcap White, Indian White…….and I’m only touching the surface on all the names available!  So relax, pick up some white paint and get back to me after you sort through all of the choices.  I have a feeling it may be awhile……..
  • I just saw a hotdog eating contest; the announcer was talking about the leader in the contest and stated that he was one of the best athletes out there……Huh?  When did hotdog eating get included in athletics?  Maybe I’m more athletic that I thought…….
  • In my youth, men helping me with a flat tire was the norm.  I knew how to change a flat but I also knew how to be appreciative when someone offered help (especially on a blistering hot day!).  The gentleman providing assistance always did so with a smile.  In the last few months, I had a flat and then in another incidence, a car break-down.  As in my younger years, I had a number of gentlemen stop and offer to help.  It wasn’t until I got home a few hours later that it occurred to me that when I was younger, men stopped for an opportunity to help and possibly flirt a little bit.  Now they stop because they see an older woman needing help.  Now instead of them asking my name, they already know my name.  It is ma’am……

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