In all of my years, I had only had one dog killed by being run over.  Even though this happened back in 1991, I still feel the pain of finding and burying her.  Now, sadly, I have one more dog that was killed by someone speeding past my driveway.  My sweet baby girl, Maggie was killed when she got too curious for her own good.  I buried her yesterday in our little dog graveyard next to my noble Cody and Miss Jenkins.  Incidentally, they both lived to be 14 years old.

Everything about this is killing me.  She was just over a year old and so full of love and life.  I knew that she had a tendency to follow me in the hopes of a ride so we always locked her up when we left.  Always.  When I went to the road, I always made her stay before I got my mail and she never complained.  She was taking a dog class and was so bright.  I had never been so proud of her.  Normally in the evenings, she would sit on my stomach or on my head while I watched TV.  If Lucy was home, she would sleep with Lucy but otherwise, she curled up like a modern cuddly hat on my head and slept there.  She always wanted to be touching someone.  

But just one time while we watched TV, she got up and went upstairs.  The neighbor dog was there and he headed out the door.  Maggie, who hero worshipped all the big dogs, followed him out.  She must have gone to the road and followed the other dog across the street.  We knew she was missing within 2 hours of the last time I had seen her.  We went out with flashlights and called her and looked but couldn’t find her.  I went out and bought one of those super heavy-duty flashlights – you know the one – the one that policemen use when looking for a suspect but we still couldn’t find her.  I looked every day.  Sadly, she was close by but had already been killed.  She was just too tiny for us to see her in the high grass.  We finally spotted her as her body expanded with the decomposition process.

I didn’t realize until she was gone, how much I looked forward to seeing her at the end of the day.  We have 6 other dogs and they are all excited to see us when we return home.  But she would leap at us with wild abandon as we arrived home.  She was always so confident of getting a welcoming reception.  She has left a huge hole in our lives much bigger than the physical size of one tiny pug.

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