With a 15-year-old in the house, I wasn’t sure how much driving I would do for the next year.  And if I’m being honest, Kaileigh is a pretty good driver.  A little more confident than I feel is warranted, but a good driver none the less.  But now, she has quit asking to drive.  Her confidence was hurt dramatically when she had a little disagreement with a bridge abutment.  The bridge got the better part of the deal!

The first I heard about it was when Keegan called me and said that they had crashed in Guntersville (about 40 miles away).  I honestly thought I heard him wrong but then my ex got on the phone and asked if I would come pick them up.  I left immediately.  The funny thing is, it wasn’t until I was half way to Guntersville when it occurred to me that it could have been Kaileigh driving.  I had just assumed it was my ex that caught the side of the bridge!  But it was Kaileigh and this has impacted her confidence drastically.  Not that I blame her – that first fender bender is always a bit traumatic.  And it was quite the fender bender.  Both tires on the passenger side were trashed, one rim was ruined and it had to be towed to be serviced.  It took two weeks to be repaired since the struts also had to be replaced and some other parts affecting the alignment.  And did I mention that this was my ex’s new 2011 Honda Odyssey?

The good thing is that neither my ex nor I held this against Kaileigh.  Kaileigh was convinced that Robert was angry but he wasn’t at all angry.  We realize this could have happened to any of us and both Robert and I feel it will make her a better driver in the long run.  She will no longer feel invincible and we hope the end result of that will make her safer in traffic.

However, I don’t want her frozen in fear either and right now she isn’t driving.  I did get her out in the Honda Accord that I have so that she could practice shifting but she didn’t drive for long.  I’ll give her a little time but I hope she’ll be driving again by my birthday which is far too soon……..


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