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Anyone who knows me knows that I love dogs.  In fact, I am in bed right now surrounded by 5 of my 6 dogs.  And each one of these dogs are such individuals.  They are all good dogs that keep me laughing, some more so than others!

One of the dogs is a total tease.  This is the dog that my son claims as his and their resemblance in behavior is uncanny.  Both of them tease just for the sake of a reaction and I end up scratching my head wondering if they know what they are doing.  I have finally come to the conclusion that yes, they know exactly what they are doing.

Tabby (the dog) appears to not be the brightest bulb in the box.  She has the ability to look at you and exude innocence but I’m on to her now.  That is all a part of her act.  When I sit down to read the newspaper, she casually comes over wriggling with joy and lays down on the paper.  I usually have two stacks of papers – the part I’ve read and the part I’ve yet to read.  She never seems to lay down on the stack that I’ve already read – she unfailingly blocks the entire stack of unread papers.  Only now am I wising up to the fact that this is no accident.  It is a brilliant tease by a master.

Even now, as I try to type into my blog, she has rolled over twice taking the mouse with her both times.  If the remote control is on the bed, she invariably lays right on top of it.  Probably her most annoying tease of all is when she sees me going downstairs to bed.  She will literally race down the steps and get in my bed, in my favorite spot.  She has two looks when she does this.  One is a huge doggy grin when she knows she has beaten you.  Her other look is much more subtle.  Even if you see her hustling down the stairs, she will be in your spot pretending to sleep.  Even though she got in the room just seconds before you [oops – there goes my mouse again], she will be laying flat-out on the bed with her jowls drooping in her best sleeping position.  When you say something to her, that big doggy grin creeps across her face.

It isn’t just me she teases.  She adores teasing the other dogs as well.  Tabby is our biggest dog at approximately 70 pounds.  The smaller dogs are intimidated by her and I think it is because they don’t get her humor.  She will lay in their path such that they can’t get past her.  When I go to see why there is so much yapping, there lays Tabby blocking the path the other dogs want to take.  Tabby will also lay right in front of the dog door to block anyone coming and going and if you watch carefully, when she gets a reaction from the other dogs you will again see that big doggy grin.

One of our dogs loves stuffed animals.  When Tabby gets the opportunity, she will grab a stuffed animal and just hold it until the other dog comes by.  Then Tabby just happens to squeak the Stuffy when Trixie is in hearing distance.  Of course Trixie then remembers that the stuffy that Tabby has is her absolute favorite one out of the 30 or so stuffies laying in the yard.  And Tabby plays it up too.  And when Trixie gets the stuffy as she invariably does, Tabby turns that hurt look of betrayal towards me.  But I’m on to her now – it is just one more of Tabby’s elaborate teases.

No one is safe – she [dang it Tabby – give me that mouse!] sleeps a lot during the day and I swear, she is dreaming up more teases during every nap.  Her most successful tease to date is having everyone think she isn’t very bright – I think she is much smarter than any of us suspect!………