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More on Tabby

I had to write about this morning’s escapade by Tabby.  I hesitate to say she planned this from the beginning but when I looked into her eyes……I’ll just describe it and you can decide for yourself!

I was in my bedroom getting ready for work.  It tends to be a bit of a tribulation since every step I take is shadowed by most of the dogs.  As I’ve said before, it takes me a bit longer to get from one part of the house to another because I have 26 legs!  But things were going uncommonly well today for which I was grateful.  Suddenly Tabby perked up and barked her ‘someone is here’ bark and the troops fell into line and raced outside, barking all the way.  All except Tabby.  She held back and trotted as far as the door.  I followed her upstairs because my son was expecting a package and I thought that maybe UPS was out there – I know that I, even as a dog lover, just might be intimidated by 5 dogs barreling my way.  But the driveway had no extra vehicles in it – another false alarm by Tabby.

I did find it interesting that Tabby remained standing by the dog door.  Normally she takes every opportunity to lay down but there she stood with her tail gently waving back and forth.  Then one of the hapless pugs poked their head in the dog door and Tabby gave one loud ferocious bark.  That pug was terrified and couldn’t back up fast enough.  To be honest, I was pretty startled as well.  Tabby has a deep bark and to hear it unexpectedly is enough to scare anyone.  I looked at Tabby and she had her big goofy grin on her face and I realized that I just saw the dog equivalent of “BOO!”  From the initial fake-out to the final bark, she had orchestrated a detailed tease that bordered on a genius level prank.  I explained to her that there is a thin line between teasing and bullying but I’m not sure she understood.  Her goofy grin never wavered…………

A foolish grin indicating she is dreaming of her latest prank!

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