I have had another birthday come and go and it is no joke to say they come faster than ever now that I’m at a more advanced age (in relative terms – I still consider myself quite the youngster and my 15-year-old never hesitates to point out my childish behavior!!).  There are benefits to being …… shucks – I still can’t say it.  And I don’t need any jokes about not being able to say it because I plain flat-out can’t remember the number.  I can still do the subtraction involved thanks to all those excellent teachers from the past.

So….the benefits.  I can finally vote…wait – I could vote back when I was 18.  No benefit there.  I can drink – ha!  Got you there!  What’s that you say?  I could drink when I was 21?  Younger if I was a bit of a rebel?  Ok, Ok – no benefit there.  I know – I can finally drive!  Hold on – I got my first license when I was 14 years old (motorcycle license).  That is definitely not a benefit of my age.  The only benefit seems to be that people expect me to forget things now, I’m expected to tell bad jokes (although I started on that track more years ago than I care to remember!) and my doctors know me when they see me – ugh!  Of course I don’t have to look as good anymore – I get a lot of the “you look really good for your age” comments as if now that I’m older, I just want to look good enough for my age.  No – I just want to look good – leave off that modifier for at least my birthday week!  

At my age, the eyesight is tricky.  I wear a badge at work and hanging from my badge are 3 pairs of glasses.  My far vision glasses so I can recognize my co-workers in the hall, my close vision glasses so I can review the products I am responsible for reviewing and my sunglasses for those bright moments in my day.  And truthfully, I don’t want to hear a word about bifocals – those are for old people!  I’m just plain not there yet!!

My birthday was a special day.  I would be willing to forgo the celebration if not for the kids.  They don’t have the years on them yet to understand that turning 13 is a much bigger deal than turning my age (still not ready to say it!).  But I’m glad they were with me.  Life is full of little moments that bear celebrating and we really do let too many of those moments go by unnoticed.  I enjoyed the celebration.  My plan was to sleep late but at 2:00 am, my 15-year-old came into my room tugging and pulling me out of bed.  She couldn’t wait to start!  It was such a sweet moment – she had baked me a cake and wanted me to have a piece immediately.  And it was well worth getting up.  The cake was awesome and my favorite flavor.  She heard me say how great this cake looked while grocery shopping and made a special trip (me driving of course) to get that flavor.  She put in some extra ingredients and it was the perfect cake.  She gave me my present then as well.  A very funny book about a Honey Badger.  Did you know they just don’t care?!  It was a wonderful moment just between my oldest daughter and myself.  I’m just glad I didn’t sleep through it…..

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