Learning something new

I subscribe to the philosophy that an old dog CAN learn new tricks and it is good to keep an open mind to try to learn something every day…or at least every other day!

My daughter, Lucy, is 11 years old.  The day before my birthday is her best friend’s birthday so she naturally wanted to go to her house last Saturday.  I took her over there reminding her I would need to pick her up for her music lesson.  Naturally, when I called to pick her up, she begged to skip the lesson because they were all going roller skating.  Oh, I’m a softy at heart and I drove to meet her and give her $20 for skating.  The bonus is spending a little alone time with my other daughter.

I had a busy evening and got home late.  I was barely awake when Lucy called for me to pick her up.  This surprised me – she normally wants to spend the night.  It wasn’t really safe for me to be driving as tired as I was so I asked her to spend the night.  She agreed and said something about falling and hurting her wrist.  I ask my usual can you wiggle your fingers questions and told her it sounded like a sprain.  Dr. Mom hard at work again.

She called earlier than I expected and asked to be picked up.  She said her wrist still hurt.  I took her to the drug store and got her a brace.  We went through the wiggle your fingers, move your hand up, move your hand down and side to side.  Put your right foot in, take your right foot out, put your right foot in and shake it all about – whoa – just the memory of the event has me doing the hokie pokie!  Anyway, movement was normal and Dr. Mom stepped in again and said if you can move it that easily, and with as little pain as I’m seeing, it isn’t broken.  If it hasn’t improved, we will go to the real doctor tomorrow (who doesn’t love to  miss school for a doctor’s appointment at her age?  Wait until doctor appointments cover up half of her calendar!!  Whoops – looks like evil Mom is stepping in – I don’t wish that on anybody much less my little snickerdoodle!!).

The next day, I eyed her suspiciously when she said it still hurt bad enough for a doctor’s visit.  Evil Mom thought ‘yeah, right’ but Good Mom made an appointment.  After all, who knows their body better than anyone?  And that is the person to which to listen.  I was prepared for x-rays – after all, I’ve been through this drill before.  I was also prepared for the ‘you can go home now’ statement…..the statement that didn’t come.  They read the x-ray, brought me a huge pink envelope and sent me to an orthopedist for a cast.  So much for Dr. Mom’s diagnosis…I need x-ray vision for the next fall.

What did I learn did you ask?  I learned that it is more important to go to music lessons than to let your daughter go skating…….ok, ok – I learned that not all broken bones are obvious and it is definitely worth a trip to the doctor’s office.  And Lucy has a hot green cast to show off until the first day of spring break.  Yes, only 3 weeks of the cast and the first broken bone in the ‘Bama Thom tribe……..

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