Scatter minded

I wonder when becoming scatter-brained became a way of life rather than an occasional happenstance?  It must have crept up on me slowly although quite honestly, I don’t remember ever not being scatter-brained!  I got out of the car the other day and left the ignition in the aux position with my book on tape rolling along.  Luckily Keegan had to go out to the car later that night or we would have had a dead battery in the morning.  I bet he could have kicked himself for shutting it off – he would have been able to miss some school if it wouldn’t start but he is a good boy at heart!  Two days ago, I got out of my car and headed in when I realized I could still hear the car running – I forgot to turn it off.  Although in my defense, my daughters often hear a song they like just as we pull in the driveway and they want to hear the entire song.  But again, it was my book on tape trundling along.  Unfortunately, it was without me in the car to listen to it!  And now, I went in to pick up a few items at the store and when I came out, I find that I had left the door to the car open.  So much for locking it up tight!  A lady came over and said she didn’t know what to do so she just sat and watched it.  She knew I was the right owner by my maniacal laughter when I saw what I had done.  I’m never alone when these things happen either.  There are always witnesses.

No – I’m not worried that these are the first steps of Alzheimer’s or any other type of dementia.  I remember too much other stuff.  I think it is just the sign of a stressed, overbooked, totally distracted mom of three.  Now, what was I doing a minute ago?  Oh, right, back to cleaning the bathroom. Now there is a task I want to forget…..

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