Spring Break

ROAD TRIP!!! Spring Break comes around every year but we don’t usually leave town but this year, the kids and I are on a road trip down to the Gulf Shores in beautiful Alabama!!  I thought I would try to complete a travelogue for the trip.  I’ll try not to bore you with the minute details – I do have a tendancy to travel off into the weeds when I write but let’s see if good intentions work out on this trip!!

Lately, traveling has taken on an intensity that makes the trips exhausting.  Arguments over who sits in front, radio stations, eating vs. not eating have started driving me crazy.  But for this particular trip, I had solemn promises of good behavior.  With that, I made reservations at a condo in Gulf Shores, packed up and we were on our way!!

If only it were really that easy – before leaving, I had to make arrangements for our 6 dogs, 6 cats, guinea pig and fish.  With that done, I thought I would just run by the business that installed my DVD player in my car.  It hasn’t worked since the second week of the installation and I just haven’t had time (or reason) to have them look at it.  I hope you caught the optimism in my hope that I would ‘just run by’ to have the DVD player looked at.  Of course it wasn’t that simple.  I had almost forgotten that this was MY life we were talking about!  I thought it might just be a fuse but it turns out that we need a whole new unit.  Drat – we are off to a rough start.  It looks like I can scratch entertainment on the trip.

But in general, it was a great drive down.  Singing, talking, getting truckers to honk – fun, fun, fun!  I was beginning to believe the promises of good behavior.  I had an email saying we needed to bring toilet paper, garbage bag and other assorted sundries.  I was a bit taken aback by the need to bring toilet paper but I was going with the flow on this trip.  We arrived at the condo with toilet paper in hand!  One bedroom, bunk beds and a fold out couch with an incredible view of the beach – good things do come to those who wait!

We had eaten at Lambert’s Cafe on a previous trip and we wanted to go back for the throwed rolls.  This place throws hot rolls to you as a part of your meal.  We could barely move when we were done with dinner.  But we had a lot of laughs with the meal and hopefully that burned off a few of the calories we ate.  A quick stop at Bruno’s for groceries and we were ready for the beach.  Sure it was 11:00 pm but we came to see the beach and important things like that cannot wait.  I was so excited – it was awesome to be at the beach and to actually have sand in my toes.  The excitement was so great that I vowed to see the sunrise the next morning.  Those who know me know that mornings and I do not have much in common.  Day 1 of our beach getaway complete……..


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