spring break

Day 2 – Spring Break 2012

What a great day!  I actually did get up in time to see the sunrise.  I love mornings!!!  I would participate in more of them if they didn’t come so doggone early!

I started watching the sunrise from my balcony and I could see it pretty well but Keegan was awake and he suggested we go to the beach to watch it.  What a great idea – there is nothing so special as sunrise on the beach.  I don’t have the words to describe the peace and joy that I felt watching a new day blossom in the east.  It was simply beautiful.  Can you tell how inspiring I found it?

Of course the pictures don’t do it justice.  My big plan had me going back to bed afterwards but I was so excited by the sunrise that I decided to go to see the Blue Angels practice.  It was something I wanted to do but didn’t think I could do since we would have to leave the condo at 7:30 for the 8:30 practice time.  But I found the sunrise so invigorating that I found I was raring to go  – and go we did!  Keegan and I went to Pensacola FL while the girls slept to watch the practice of the famous Blue Angels.  It was well worth the 30 mile trip.  How impressive to see the tight formations of their flight patterns.   I’ve been to shows before but I never thought about the fact that they must practice!  Awesome.  If I had been able to get a picture of them in flight, it would have looked something like this:

Blue Angels in Flight

This was just a painting on the wall but it looks pretty real doesn’t it!!  After the practice, Keegan and I went into the Naval Aviation Museum which was great – he really enjoyed it.  I think it rivals the Air and Space Museum and the museum in Dayton OH.  Awesome day all around.  Plus the museum was free!!!

Keegan reading up on stats
Keegan at the Museum

Later in the day we went down to the beach and played in the surf.  We had a float that would ride the waves and it was relaxing – once you got past the chill of the water!!!  I’ve never liked cold water but I inched myself into the waves.  Yes, yes, I know it is better to just dive in but I seem incapable of having the good judgement to jump into things feet first!  Once I was in, I wondered why I thought the water was cold but it took 20 minutes of squealing and shivering to get there!!!

Later that night, Kaileigh made an awesome dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers.  Add some beans and potato chips and we were set for the next two days as far as food.  It was the perfect end to a great day at the beach.

sunset at the beach

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