Day 3 – Spring Break 2012

Not a bright and early day – I slept in making up for some of the sleep I didn’t get the night before.  I woke up to Kaileigh making breakfast – pretty awesome if you ask me!  Pancakes, bacon, eggs and orange juice – a delicious breakfast!

It was another beautiful day at the beach.  Being the day before payday made it a little dicey but I was able to make some adjustments and come up with the money I needed to go parasailing!  Wahoo to the max!  What a relaxing, incredible, awesome experience!  And everyone did it.  Kaileigh, Keegan, Lucy and I hooked up in harnesses and flew.  We went in tandem – Keegan and I and then Kaileigh and Lucy.  All of us loved it.  We were lucky to get the opportunity to go because it was really windy and choppy on the water.  In fact, the boat ride out to the place we launched was as exciting as parasailing.  We bounced out of our seats all the way there!  There was nothing about the experience I would change!

After getting back we decided to go out to dinner one last time.  Evidentally, the kids have seen a lot of commercials for Hooters being a family restaurant and that was their vote for dinner.  Well – I should admit it was 2 out of 3 kids that voted for Hooters.  Keegan, my 14 year old son, was quite uncomfortable with the thought of Hooters but since he couldn’t come up with anything better, Hooters it was.  I shouldn’t laugh but poor Keegan either looked straight down at the table or in my direction (which was towards the wall) the entire night.  He was ready to leave before anyone else.  Poor fellow – I don’t envy him living in a home where everyone else is female!  He is getting quite an education on female issues.

Anyway – here are a few photos of our flight.  It is a highly recommended experience!

Bird's Eye View
reeling out