Home again, Home again

Home again, Home again, jiggity jig!!  It is good to be home again but there is something about the beach that is just relaxing and I’m afraid I will keep a bit of yearning to be there.  Kaileigh had promised to be on her best behavior at the beach and that she was.  I could see the woman she may become and I liked what I saw.  However, we are home again and I am dealing with the angst of a 15 year old again.  This is a phase I will be happy to see the end of!

We didn’t drive straight through.  We stopped to drive some go-carts on a pretty impressive track (why do I always get the slowest one out there?) and then we stopped to see a psychic.  No answer on the phone so I didn’t get to actually talk to her – I guess she didn’t know we were coming (or she did and didn’t want to talk to me) [LOLAMOJ – laughing out loud at my own joke].  Oh well!!

The trip went pretty well but the best part of coming home is always seeing the dogs again.  They were super excited (as they usually are when we come home – even if it is only after being gone for an hour).  My ex-husband took care of the dogs while we were gone and we boarded three cats – we will pick them up tomorrow…….

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