And then there were….

During our vacation we boarded three of our seven cats.  When it was time to leave the vet, we picked up three cats and four kittens.  If I’m not the crazy cat lady yet, I’m quickly becoming a crazy cat lady.  One cat was pregnant and she delivered while we were gone.  I had high hopes for a small litter but at this point, I don’t consider four kittens small.  I did get two out of the three cats fixed while they were there but I think I have one more pregnant cat at home.  I really don’t want this many cats – I always thought of them as clean creatures but I now know different.  I have got to find homes for some of these cats or at least set them up a nice spot in the garage.  Cats may sleep a lot but when they are awake – look out!

Then there are the dogs.  We have six dogs in total.  It sounds like a lot but it works out that two of the dogs (the pugs) are claimed by my youngest daughter.  One has the personality that complements my oldest daughter and my son claims one.  That leaves two that have strong allegiance to me and one of those was my Dad’s dog.  There are times that I look a good bit like the Pied Piper as I walk through the house since before bedtime, they tend to follow me around.  But we have a system that works with the dogs (I also have a preference for dogs over cats – yes, yes, yes – I’m a dog person).

My ex-husband asked me to watch a puppy that belongs to his girlfriend.  Say what you want here – go ahead, I’ll wait…..and wait……are you done?  Did I watch the puppy you ask?  Why as a matter of fact I did.  I know, I know – what crazy impulse has me watching a dog of a woman who I’ve never even met?  A woman, I might add, that is in a relationship with my ex-husband?  Did I mention that I really love dogs?  ‘Nuff said!  I drove about 40 miles to pick up this puppy who happened to be sick with Parvo.  I knew it was quite contagious so I took precautions with my dogs but the second I saw the puppy, I fell in love with it.  I swear, it was the sweetest dog in the universe.  Sweet temperament, sweet eyes, gentle soul.

On the way to pick up this puppy, we saw another dog coming down the railroad track (I still have a little picture in my mind of this dog carrying a little bandana backpack over its shoulder like the hobos we read about as children).  Of course, not having the sense that God gave a little grey goose, I stopped.  The dog was muddy but otherwise in good shape.  We took her into our car and let her ride along to pick up the puppy.  During this phase of the trip came a huge hail storm – it stormed so hard that I had to stop because I couldn’t see.  I was afraid to stop under tree cover because the wind was so severe that I thought a tree might fall on me.  I was glad the dog was out of the storm.

I drove around where we picked her up trying to find someone who knew where she lived but no one would claim her.  I finally asked a policewoman and she said she sees the dog most days begging over at the cafe (and the cafe must be fairly generous towards the dog – people after my own heart).  Then she said she figured the dog was a stray and could use a good home.  Argh.  So we brought two dogs home.  One very sick dog that stayed in a cage to recuperate and rest and another that made herself right at home and fit in seamlessly with our dogs.  I’ve put ads in the Decatur paper and the Huntsville paper – we’ll see if someone is missing her.  She is also a gentle soul………

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