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A note on Tabby

As you may remember, Tabby is one of my dogs.  She is a boxer mix that is a bottle short of a six-pack!  But God – is she ever loveable!

I came home today to the usual excitement of  six dogs; barking, yapping, asserting authority.  When I finally got to Tabby (who always hangs back – bigger is not necessarily alpha in the world) I found her standing with her head under a chair.  The rest of her excited body was wriggling as usual when I come home but she knows that the excitement tends to cause some of the other dogs to remind her of the pecking order.   So there she was, largish head under a chair with her largish body sticking out.  But bless her heart (Southerners know what this means!!), she didn’t realize that she wasn’t hidden at all.  In fact, most of her was plainly in view.  Lordy, I sure do love that dog…….

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