She flies through the air

Only two weeks after Lucy had her cast removed from her wrist, we found ourselves back at the doctor’s office for another x-ray.  I’ll go ahead and cut to the chase here for those of you who hate suspense – skip this sentence if you are the type that never even shakes your Christmas gifts for fear of spoiling the surprise……ready now?…….ok, last chance to shut your eyes…….nothing was broken but as with all of my thoughts, there is a huge back story waiting to be told!

My ex-husband was kind enough to allow me to take Lucy on his weekend over to my friend’s house to ride.  I knew this was coming but I might want to mention to him that before he gives Lucy or any of the other kids permission to come to my house on his weekend that he might want to check with me first.  But that is another issue.  Unfortunately, it has been so long since I’ve truly had plans that no one thinks to check with me – I have got to get out of this rut!  But anyway…Lucy and Keegan came over to my house and Lucy got ready to go riding.

Riding has become one of my favorite activities again after about 30 years away from it.  I had horses growing up and summers were long days of riding adventures.  I was a cowboy, an Indian, an early settler; only my imagination limited my adventures.  Now that I’m riding again, I haven’t gotten to the same level of imaginative play but I love how I feel on horseback.  The horses we ride haven’t been ridden regularly in a little while so they aren’t are cooperative as the horses of my youth….yet.  They are really good horses and both the horses and I are benefiting from this new interaction.

However, Saturday was one of those days.  I saddled up Gracie as usual and Lucy saddled up GiGi.  I lifted my creaking old bones to the stirrup and mounted up as did Lucy.  Ah – the joy of horseback riding….for about a minute.  Gracie decided that it wasn’t really a good day for a ride, especially since she had four other horse friends that did not have a saddle and an annoying harridan on their back.  She started bucking to beat the band – up, down, around – did I say I enjoyed riding adventures?  It lasted for approximately 3 years by my time scale, about 30 seconds by Gracie’s time scale.  The entire time she was bucking, Lucy was yelling at me to get off the horse.  Not only to get off the horse, but to PLEASE get off the horse.  ‘Sorry hon – a little busy here – can I get back to you on that getting off the horse comment?’  I’m proud to say that Gracie did not get her way and did NOT get me off of her back that easily.  I finally got her head up where she couldn’t buck and I rode her quietly for about 5 more minutes.  That was when I remembered I needed to make a phone call.  I reached to my back pocket for my phone and…..no phone.  Somewhere in the high grass in which I had my Wild Bill ride lay a small black cell phone.  I felt sick.  I figured I had shown Gracie that she couldn’t buck to end the ride; we had ridden calmly for a while with her following my instructions and I could put her away with dignity for both of us.  I put her away and went back out to look for my phone.  Somewhere in the high grass.

Nice story you say but what about Lucy?  I thought this post was about Lucy and how she ended up with more x-rays – when will you get to the point of the story?  Patience Grasshopper – all things come to those who wait!  

So, I’m out in the grass hunting for my phone and hoping I don’t find it with horse prints all over the smashed glass when Lucy called out for me to watch her canter.  At least GiGi was behaving like a proper lady!  I wanted to scream at her and say ‘MY #**!@* PHONE IS MISSING HERE IN THE GRASS AND YOU WANT ME TO WATCH YOU – AURGH, GURGLE, SPUTTER, *&##$!’ but instead I smiled and said, ‘go ahead honey, I’m watching’ and thank goodness I was watching!  She had a beautiful canter going when GiGi stopped.  And I don’t mean slowed down, I mean stopped.  Lucy then fulfilled Newton’s Third Law of Motion; GiGi’s forward motion was transferred to Lucy who continued moving in a forward direction until she ran out of horse and hit the ground.  She hit pretty hard – after all, her body was travelling at the speed of a canter.  It must have felt a little like flying!  I can’t believe what a nerd I am – I ran to Lucy (some things are more important than a silly phone) and after asking her if she was ok (she wasn’t of course, she just flew off a horse!) I actually asked her if she had heard of the Rules of Motion by Sir Issac Newton.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!!  Turns out they had just gone over them at school that week.  How is that for applied learning!  I took the tack off of GiGi and put her out in the pasture and then helped Lucy to her feet and got her to the car.  She was moving fine but was already sore.  I knew the next few days would be worse.  This was Saturday, I took her for x-rays on Monday.  Not because I thought anything was broken mind you but because a few weeks ago I learned the lesson that just because you can more a body part, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a break.  But in this case, my old adage held true.  No breaks in the shoulder or anywhere else.  Just a lot of soreness, tenderness and discomfort.

What about my phone you ask?  I definitely had not forgotten that minor $300 detail.  I got Lucy in the car and went back to my house to get Keegan and Keegan’s cell phone.  We headed back and we walked to the approximate place I thought it may have come out of my pocket.  Keegan dialed my number and right at his feet was my phone.  In perfect condition.  No breaks for anyone this time – just a lesson to remember for next time.  Leave the phone in the barn – no call is that important……..

Ready to Ride

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