Sudden urges

I can’t really explain it, but I’ve had a sudden urge to start playing the banjo.  Anyone out there got a banjo they would like to send me?  I’d be happy for the donation!  But in the meantime, I started scouring Ebay looking at the offerings they have.  It is hard to buy an instrument from Ebay – especially if you know nothing about the instrument.  But it doesn’t hurt to look – I can already hear the music in my head.  Unfortunately, it is the music from the movie Deliverance that I keep hearing…….

Another urge I suddenly had was to get a housekeeper….now.  Sooner than now if possible.  It is always interesting how a person decides who to bring into their home.  On Wednesday, the view of my house clarified and I knew that I wanted someone who could come in and help me.  I even said out loud, “I need a trustworthy housekeeper” and started looking.

It isn’t an easy task to find a housekeeper when you have eleventy dogs and umpteen cats.  I had an appointment on Wednesday afternoon and in the course of the appointment, I mentioned that I was going to look for a housekeeper.  Her eyes lit up and she said she had a fantastic housekeeper that really digs in there and gets a lot of work done.  Now all that was left was getting the nerve up to call the lady and describe my particular war zone.  I have a bit of a phone phobia (telephonophobia, telephobia…..yes, yes it is a real thing….no, I’m not making this up – check out the link!!) and I hate admitting I need help and I don’t like to let people see the condition of my house – STRIKE 3 and I am out!  But not this time – I did call my home salvation housekeeper.  I told her I had a number of dogs (six is a number you know!) and when she said she had eight dogs, I melted!!  This is a woman after my own heart!  So she comes for a first look on Monday.  I hope I don’t scare her off with my eagerness…….

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