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I hung my TV on my wall over the weekend.  I have a rather small bedroom and I needed the space.

Did you get how casually I said that?  I hung my TV on my wall over the weekend.  AS IF!!!!  That activity is and should be in all caps.  I HUNG MY TV ON MY WALL OVER THE WEEKEND!!!  I did it!!  Almost by myself!!!  Can you feel my pride?  OK, I didn’t do it totally alone although I could have.  My son helped me.  He is the mechanical whiz in the family and I usually trust his judgement on installations, repairs and builds.  I went into the task with a grim determination to complete the task and to be watching my TV above the dogs heads by nightfall and I was successful.

Before my divorce, I would not attempt a task like this.  I allowed self-doubt to fill my mind to the point of incapacitation.  And I lived in fear that I would do something that would displease my spouse.  I did not want to rock the boat.  Pictures didn’t get hung, paint didn’t go on the walls and flower beds did not get planted because I was afraid to do anything.  But now the sky is the limit!  There is nothing I cannot do! I hung that doggone TV on my wall over the weekend.  Now I think I’ll take a look at the lawn tractor – it seems the fuel filter might be clogged.  Let’s see if I can get it running again……

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