A horse, of course

Argh – my daughter is severely infected with horse fever.  I signed her up for lessons hoping that would stifle the illness but it appears that the other girls in the barn have only spread more of the fever.  Lucy spends long hours on the computer looking at horses for sale in Alabama even though I have told her I can’t afford a horse.  The horse itself isn’t so bad even though it is expensive but boarding around here is crazy.  Somehow, Lucy is wearing me down though.  There is a lean-to next to my garage where I store my lawn tractors and I could see putting up a gate on either side and ta-da – a horse stall.

So we drove down to Oneonta, AL today to look at Dylan, a buckskin horse for sale on Equinenow.com.  I rode him first and then Lucy rode him.  He seemed to listen to Lucy a little better than he did me – but he was gentle and sweet.  Best of all, his price is very reasonable.  So I have to decide tonight whether or not to tell the people if we will take the horse.  Half of me (the horse crazy child I was) really wants the horse.  I can picture myself riding around when Lucy isn’t here – especially since I have loved the riding I’ve done at Margaret’s house.  The other half realizes that I don’t need another animal that I’ll end up taking care of at least part of the time.  I’m thinking that the horse crazy child may win out.  I’ll let you know how this turns out…..

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