Father’s Day

Father’s Day was always a day I enjoyed.  I was not very demonstrative but on Father’s Day I was able to write out a card that expressed my feelings.  And I did have a great Dad.  We shared an unspoken love that always filled me with confidence.  He had a quiet way of letting me make my own mistakes if he thought I could learn from them without too much pain.  He was a good example for me in many ways but mostly in his acceptance of others.  It is not an exaggeration to say that I almost never heard him say something negative about someone.  I can remember only one incident in which he criticized someone and it was well justified.  When I think of my Dad, I always have a warm feeling of love and wholeness.  Dad died in 2008 and along with the sense of love, I now have a sense of loss.  I think I will miss him forever.

In more recent years, I have been lucky enough to find another Dad.  I feel love from this direction as well because when I was born, I was given up for adoption.  Now that I have kids, I understand how hard this would be to do.  He and my biological Mom were not in a good position to take care of a newborn and it was due to their generosity of spirit that allowed me to grow up with my family.  I was able to meet them while my Dad was still living and I was happy to have his blessing.  Jess has been very generous towards me and has welcomed me into the family with open arms.   He has never hesitated to introduce me as his daughter and I am happy to have him in my life.

So on this Father’s Day, I want to thank two men who are instrumental to who I am today.  I know not every one is lucky enough to have two father’s and it is due to the generosity of both men that has allowed me to feel so loved.

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