Nothing like a horse…..

I’ve left everyone hanging long enough – at least those of you who read my blog.  I’ve communicated my decision to some folks that read my blog but the rest of you must be wondering if I actually bought the horse.  You know the one; the severely underweight horse that is suffering from a bit of rain rot; the one that definitely has a mind of his own; the one that I thought would be better off under my care.  That’s right, I justified the purchase of a horse by convincing myself that I was rescuing him.  And to be honest, when he was delivered and unloaded from the trailer, I was shocked at how skinny he was.  I don’t think I saw the extent of his condition when we looked at him.  Rather than regretting my purchase because of his condition, I was happy we got him.  I feel confident that we can fatten him up!

I’ve mentioned the fact that he (Dylan) has rain rot.  While it is a horrendous sounding problem, it really isn’t bad.  It is a bacterial infection and is very treatable.  On Dylan, it looks a little like dandruff and it doesn’t really cause him any discomfort.  Lucy is giving him baths with a medicated shampoo and it should clear up in short order.  It is contagious between horses so we will be keeping him apart from other horses until it is cleared up.

Now for the adventure part of the whole experience – the day he was delivered, the kids and I were on the other side of the garage clearing out and creating a fence in anticipation of his arrival.  We had just gotten it finished when Dylan arrived.  My first sight of Dylan was one of shock – the first thing we did was feed him!  Then he got his first bath – we noticed how dirty he was when we looked at him and we wanted him to be cleaned up.  I got him out of his stall to let him eat grass which he really seemed to love.  In fact, he loved it so much that when I got up the next morning, he had opened his gate and was standing out in the yard eating grass.  Hmm – all we had prepared was a stall – this might be a problem.

I ending up putting him back in his stall and put obstacles in his way so that he couldn’t get out again.  The morning after that, he jumped out and was calmly eating the grass when I woke up.  Not a good feeling, but I understood how doggone hungry he was.  We were getting into a routine although I wasn’t comfortable with him being free in the yard.  The nice part was that he would follow us anywhere we went – so now I had six dogs and a horse following me throughout the yard!  He would come trotting when I came out and follow me until I went back into the house.

Once again we tried more obstacles.  He got out again.  I had to go to work so I put him in his stall and left.  Lucy called me in tears around lunch time – Dylan was gone.  It was time to look for boarding for him.  Of course, this would be after we found him.  We drove around the neighborhood and when I saw one of our neighbors outside, I called to her that if she saw a horse, it was probably ours.  She is allergic to horses and of course, this was where Dylan was.  He went to her house 3 more times before I got him boarded which of course proves the adage that the grass is truly greener.  Our grass was beautiful and there was lots of it, enough to last Dylan for a year, but he chose the grass on the other side of the circle.

Dylan seems happy at the barn.  He loves being around other horses and loves looking out of his stall to see who is coming and going.  I feel a little better about everything because Lucy doesn’t seem ready to be riding on her own yet.  Now she goes to the barn and all the instructors are around, other horse owners and just people in general.   So for now, it is good for Dylan and good for Lucy.  Not so good for my pocketbook but I’m looking for other options as well.  I love having a horse again – I just didn’t know how much I had missed them…….

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