We are entering a new era around here – I stood in line for an hour to pick up a laptop for each of my three children.  That’s right, I said that I picked up a laptop for my 7th grader, my 9th grader and my 10th grader.  And the beauty is that these laptops are being supplied by the public school system for a $35 fee.  Oh sure, the kids won’t be 100% happy with these; I think there is a serious limit on applications they can download but the fact that the school system is moving away from textbooks boggles my mind.  The plan is for the schools to move away from textbooks and for each student to have a computer with electronic textbooks loaded.

As much as I love my home state of Alabama, we are not commonly known as a leader in education.  Yet here we are making what I consider a huge move towards modernizing the school system.  I haven’t decided if this is a good move yet.  I don’t know how teachers will monitor what is going on during class.  Are the kids following along on the laptop or are they secretly playing games available on-line?  I personally prefer having a physical book when I’m reading rather than an electronic copy but that is because I’m turning into a dinosaur.  I’m not totally obsolete yet and I hope to stay current on technology but some tricks are really hard to teach an old dog.

So it is an exciting time with all the new laptops in town.  The distribution of the laptops was surprisingly efficient – I found that refreshing!  Now, on to the beginning of school and the beginning of laptops in the place of textbooks……

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