Today I stopped at a gas station to pick up something to drink.  As I stood in line to pay, I noticed the cashier staring at me.  It was a little disconcerting after awhile but I’m a fairly friendly soul so I smiled a greeting to him.  As I stopped up to pay, the gentleman said something to me but it was just out of earshot for me.  I can’t hear out of one ear so this isn’t unusual – my coping technique over the years isn’t the smartest method but it has mostly worked for me.  I nod and pretend I have heard whatever was said.  I don’t need you to explain how bad this could be – one should never agree to something without hearing the details but my method reduces frustration on both sides.

So he says something to me and I nod and smile at him.  He isn’t fooled.  He actually asks if I heard what he said and I ‘fess up.  So he repeats himself.  He says, “you are very pretty”.  Ah – I’m glad he made sure I was hearing him properly.  I accept all compliments gratefully!  Now I give a real smile and thank him.  Nothing like an unsolicited compliment to really put a shine on the day!  He kept staring and then he said “you are so beautiful”.  OK – I’m glad to have run into a guy with such a discerning eye.  It is funny how a compliment can make you feel pretty no matter how you are actually looking.  I then pay and am about to leave when he says “I wish I could have seen you when you were young”.  Doh!  I gave a quiet moment of thanks to the powers that be to make sure I stay humble…….

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