Marching Band Groupie

I’ll admit it – I’m a marching band groupie.  I’m a fanatic for the half-time show.  I arrive around half time, watch the marching bands and impatiently wait through the second half of the game to take my marching band member home.  I also love hearing them play in the stands and love watching the band members and their excitement at performing and playing.  This of course all stems back to the days in which I was in marching band.  I remember that time of my life with such fondness that it really couldn’t have been as good as my memories!  But then I watch these kids and see how much they are enjoying playing in the stands and I think I might not be so far off as all that.  Because watching them brings it all back for me.  I should thank them for it!  And I’m grateful that even in high school, I knew that my band memories would be some of the best of my life.
Yesterday, I went to a marching band competition about an hour from my home.  No long football games to interfere with the performances – just one marching band after another.  I was worried that my marching band obsession was only because my son plays tuba (sousaphone in marching band) in the band but nope, I loved watching all of the bands.  I only wish I had gotten there earlier!  And the top of the evening was after the high school competitions when the Jacksonville Southerners came on the field.  What a performance!!  My hair practically got blown back by the impact of sound!  A lot of my weekends are spent not doing much of anything – it is hard to find things that I really enjoy doing anymore.  I know there is still a lot to enjoy but since my divorce, I am having trouble remembering what activities I found important at one time of my life.  But I’m happy to discover that marching bands still hold their appeal – I look forward to the next competition in October.  In the meantime, I’ll keep practicing my clarinet in case I find a band needing a hit of that old licorice stick……..

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