Growing up, there were 4 seasons in a year. Spring of course, Summer, Fall (also known as Autumn) and Winter. However, there are many more seasons now. I heard on the radio the other day that it is now “Flu Shot” season. Hmmm…..that one escaped me in my youth! I don’t participate in this particular season – although I have to wonder if I’m missing something! There are course is now “Back to School” season, “Cold and Allergy” season, “Flea” season; I’m sure you can list your own favorite season. But one of the best season’s of all is finally here with the cooler weather; boot season!!! 
 I love boots. High boots, low boots, cowboy boots, comfort boots, riding boots, rain boots, slouch boots – I was born to wear boots!! I know when the boots come out, it is time to put away the crops and capris and drag out my jeans, skirts and leggings. And I’m happy to do it – anything to get a chance to wear my boots! I’m not sure why I love boots so much. It feels like life is just plain sexier when I have on my boots. No matter what I’m wearing, I feel just a little dressed up when I wear boots. And it isn’t like high heeled shoes which I sometimes struggle to keep on my feet – boots are on until you take them off. Maybe I like them because of my extreme laziness. It is easy to walk in them, it is easy to put them on and it is easy to take them off. So, welcome to boot season. 
A big bonus is that boot season comes right after back to school season, another favorite of mine. And it typically comes before Halloween season – a time I can actually be silly and not gather stares from strangers. I might not relish cold, cold weather but I do love the latter half of the year. It is has that celebratory feel and people don’t seem to mind sharing their joy. And seeing joy on other people’s faces helps me to remember that the world is filled with happiness every day if we just take a moment to look around…..



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