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OK – it is time for me to get serious for a minute…seriously.  I have a beautiful 15-year-old daughter.  Just before entering 9th grade, she lost some weight and had an incredible figure.  As I said, she was beautiful.  Now she is in 10th grade and in all that time, I don’t think she ever quit losing weight.  She started out in very baggy clothes when she still had some baby fat, went to wearing form-fitting clothes as she lost weight and is now back to baggy clothes to hide how much weight she has lost.  It is a hard thing for me to say but she is anorexic.  She no longer looks good.  She is too weak to go to school even and it feels like it happened overnight.  Last week she was attending school as normal.  It all changed Tuesday of this week.  She went to school but started feeling dizzy and began having tunnel vision.  She went to the nurse who called me and I took her home.  The nurse said it was important for her safety for her to gain strength before returning to school.  Her fear was that my daughter would get trampled in the hall between classes; especially if she gets light-headed and faints.

Her doctor saw her a month ago and voiced her concern (which matched mine) and at that time, I started taking her to a nutritionist.  That was when I was still foolishly optimistic that we could turn this train around.  She saw the nutritionist yesterday who told me she couldn’t help her anymore because K had lost another 7 pounds in the last week.  She is down near 100 pounds at 5’10”.  The nutritionist agreed with the nurse at school saying K shouldn’t be at school because if she gets the flu or any other bug from other kids, she doesn’t have any immunity to fight it off.  We have an appointment with her doctor today and I think she will be hospitalized.  She is just so weak and frail.  I try to tell myself that she will be ok but I do feel the need to check on her to make sure she is still alive.  We have a long road in front of us as she begins to heal.  She has been so angry for so long that there is more than one type of healing she will need to do……..

One thought on “Struggling

  1. Hi There, So sorry to hear about Kaileigh’s difficulties. I was a bit concerned about her during your last visit. Like her, I am 5’10” and when my weight fell off to 115 pounds I fit your description of her. I hardly had the energy to get up in the morning, my voice changed, and nothing tasted good to me. I would try to find foods that I normally loved and finally I obtained a taste for dairy products (eggs, milk, ice cream etc). The doctor placed me in the hospital and told me I wasn’t getting out until I gained at least 5 pounds. That did give me a little incentive; however, it was a real struggle to start eating normally again. I’m sure you’ve tried it but, you might let her plan the meals (select the foods that really sound good to her). They did feed me intravenously while I was in the hospital as they will probably do for her, that alone gave me great incentive to put some pounds on plus I really wanted to get out of the hospital. I will keep Kaileigh in my prayers, I pray for you all daily but, it has more or less been a generic prayer now I’ll concentrate on Kaileigh. Let her know how much we love her and want her to put a few pounds on. All My Love, Jess

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