Thanks to those of you who responded to my last post about my daughter.  It means a lot to me.  I thought I would write a quick post with an update after her doctor’s appointment.  The doctor ran an electrolyte test and K is still in normal ranges so she allowed her to come home rather than go to the hospital..  There is another doctor down in Birmingham (about 2 hours away) that has a clinic every week and we should be able to get an appointment for early November.  Until we can get in to the clinic, we will be seeing her doctor here to monitor her weight and electrolytes every week, more often if necessary.  I will also be getting an appointment with a psychologist as soon as possible; hopefully someone local.

The hardest news to take was probably the doctor’s recommendation that K not go back to school until January.  I’m not sure if we can swing that or not but I have an email in to the school counselor to see if we can work out some kind of home study program while she works through her issues and starts putting some weight back on.  I’ll let you know when I find out how we are going to proceed……

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