Meanwhile, life goes on.  I still shop, I still go to work, I still do incredibly stupid things and get lucky.  My son needed a jacket so it is off to Wal-Mart with him.  If I find a jacket hugely ugly, I can be guaranteed that he will choose that one.  But wait…that isn’t the point of the post.  As we arrived, I slipped my cell phone in my back pocket ( as always).  I decided to stop by the bathroom before heading to the men’s jackets.  Ah  – I think you may be getting ahead of me…and you would be exactly right.  I headed for the toilet and (not to put too graphic a picture in your head) got into potty position.  As my pants descended I heard the sad, sad sound of a phone splashing down into the toilet.  I knew immediately what had happened.  I spun around and took the first shocked second staring at the phone totally submerged under water.  Then I sprung into action and snatched the phone out of the water.  As quickly as possible, I removed the back of the phone and took out the sim card and battery.

Now it is time to go back about 4 days.  I was reading a book of hints using household products.  I came across a hint for drying out a cell phone.  The hint practically guaranteed that the cell phone would work again if you placed your drowned cell phone in a bag or container of uncooked rice.  The rice (according to the hint) will draw the moisture out of the phone and you will be able to power it back up.  I thought the hint said that you just needed 30 minutes but if the phone didn’t work within 30 minutes, just put it back into the rice and leave it overnight.

How convenient that I had just read this hint AND that I was at Wal-Mart.  Along with the ugly jacket, I also picked up some rice and once I was in the car, I put my disassembled phone into the rice.  I drove Lucy to her soccer practice and tried my phone.  The display lit up but you could see distortion on the screen and it slowly went black again.  I wasn’t holding out much hope.  I went out for a few hours after putting the phone back in the rice.  When I got home, I tried my phone again.  Distortion.  Boo.  So I went to bed and left the phone in the rice on the stove with the oven on low.  I thought the heat might help dry out the components.

I got up this morning and went straight to my phone.  I put the sim card in, put the battery in place and closed up the back.  I help my breath (which I know helped extensively) and powered on my phone.  Perfection!  My phone is back up and running despite it’s dip in the pool (aka, the toilet).  So good things are happening here and there – I just have to keep an eye out for little miracles……..

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