eating disorder


A couple of more days; a couple of more pounds.  That is basically an update in a nutshell.  I didn’t think K could lose any more weight really – at least I didn’t think she would lose any more weight.  I thought she understood how important it was to at least maintain her current weight but understanding it and doing it are totally different when you have a severe eating disorder.  I ended up taking her to the emergency room on Sunday night because she was having trouble breathing and numbness in her arms and hands.  Couple that with her chest hurting and I was a nervous wreck.  I didn’t think she was having a heart attack but of course, I couldn’t be absolutely sure.  Turns out that the symptoms of hyperventilating and heart attacks are similar and she was fine.  It was frustrating that she refused all of the treatments they could offer her; she said no to a re-hydrating IV and she said no to blood tests to be sure her electrolytes were still balanced.  And in Alabama, fifteen is the ago of consent for medical procedures.  She now signs her own medical papers and she can consent to or refuse treatment.  I’m still responsible for all of the bills of course.  The medical community isn’t stupid when it comes to billing.   So she was released for me to worry about some more.

She still wasn’t feeling well on Tuesday so I got an appointment with her regular doctor.  Luckily, K has a very good rapport with this doctor and trusts her.  I also think she is a great doctor and trust her so I’m hoping she can guide us through this crisis and get all of us through it in one piece.  I have an appointment with an eating disorder clinic in Birmingham in early November but her doctor and I are not sure she can actually wait that long.  So the doctor made a bunch of phone calls and we now have an earlier appointment in Nashville with an eating disorder clinic at Vanderbilt.  I take her to that appointment on Monday.  It is amazing to me that a town the size of Huntsville does not have a clinic to treat adolescents with eating disorders.  Instead, I’ll have to drive either 2 hours south or 2 hours north.  But I’ll make that drive every day if that is what it takes to help K.  Her electrolytes are fine and she is hydrated so I’ll take that although worry seems to be my life path for now…….

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