Merry Christmas

It has been awhile since I posted last but Christmas is always a special day and I wanted to post to everyone and wish you a Merry Christmas.  It was hard for me to decide what to do for Christmas this year but after much back and forth, I decided to go to Ohio with the kids to celebrate.  We are staying in the Great Wolf Lodge near Cincinnati and I’m glad we decided to come.  We visited with my aunt (Dad’s sister) and uncle and cousins today and it was so good to see them.  I want to create traditions in my house for the holidays but when it comes right down to it, Christmas is a time for family.  My aunt’s family is a close-knit group and I think it is good for the kids to see a healthy celebration of family.  And despite the fact that I didn’t decide to come until a few days before Christmas, there were gifts for all of us and we were made to feel a total part of the celebration.  I didn’t expect anything except to share in the joy of the season.  So as I sit here basking in the glow of the day, I wish all of you a very merry Christmas and the happiest of New Year’s……….

One thought on “Merry Christmas

  1. Hi There, Sorry I’ve been out of touch lately but, I have been having big time computer problems. Problems still aren’t resolved but, I’m hoping this message gets through O.K. Christmas was great (Lacy, Rene, Tisha & Dexter came over). I got a smaller turkey & ham than normal because I wanted to limit the left overs. How was weather up in Ohio, we have been having much cooler weather than normal and it seems to be misting rain all the time (I know how Lance feels in Oregon). Due to weather I haven;t had a chance to work on the yard or the pool lately and they are both a mess. I’m sending this message to both your wordpress.com site and to your email address to make sure you get it. I have been on the computer several hours so far today trying to catch up on things I have been missing. Had several hundred messages that I had not read or responded to. I got Dexter a Kayak for Christmas – He’s anxious to give it a try (and so am I). Lacy just wanted some new utensils for the kitchen and I had a new carpet installed in Tisha’s house and it looks great (made a big improvement on her house). I got a new skill saw (burned up my old one) and several other gifts — overall it was a wonderful Christmas, just wish all the Children and grandchildren could have been here. I hope you received the gift I sent you to spend as you saw fit. Hope you and the grand kids have a blessed and joyful new years, hopefully I’ll better keep in touch. All My Love, Jess Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2012 06:31:57 +0000 To: jessrlindsey@hotmail.com

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