Is there an echo in here? …….

I know, I know – I am a terrible correspondent.  Two million and twenty things going on in my life and I am a colossal fail in the communication department.  Let’s see…where am I?  Oh not in the literal sense but in the sense that I am so wiped out that I have no idea where I am or where I’m going.  My daughter is doing ok.  As someone with an eating disorder, her life revolves around food.  She looks at food on her computer, her smartphone and in magazines.  I just wish she was willing to eat more of it.  She has gotten her calorie intake up to a level that would be reasonable if she were healthy and trying to maintain her weight.  However, she has gained about 3 pounds since getting out of the hospital in November and that was a recent gain.  The only reason she gained that weight was because I gave the doctor permission to put her in the hospital at our next appointment with no reprieve if her weight remained the same.  I know that she needs to be back in the hospital but it is a hard decision to make.  Almost as hard as the decision I made to withdraw her from school and homeschool her.  We are just starting but I worry that she isn’t going to know what she needs to know as she goes into 11th grade.  Because by 11th grade, I’m hoping she will be healthy enough to return to school.  Right now she does not have stamina or energy to attend classes and with her immune system compromised due to her seriously low weight, I didn’t want to take a chance on being around so many people.  But for now, she is hanging in there and maintaining her weight.  She is going to have to gain more weight if she wants to stay out of the hospital so I think a hospital visit is coming up soon but all I can do is take it one day at a time…….

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