You know those people who have it all together?  Their mail is up to date, they have read all of their magazines, dinner is on the table at 6:00 and much much more in the way of organizational skills.  I will go ahead and say it – I don’t understand!!  I will never be such a person no matter how hard I try.  I’m late to everything, dinner oftentimes is cereal, I carry my mail around with me in the hopes that I will finally get around to opening some of the envelopes and I have no set bedtime. Yes, yes; I’m just as disheveled as I sound!  My hair can’t be tamed, my clothes are covered with dog and cat hair and my socks don’t always match.  I seem to go from one crisis to another.  I have recently decided that my new late is early and surprisingly that has helped me to have a more timely arrival.

A lot has happened since my last post – let’s see, when exactly was that post?  WHAT?!!  January 26?  How does the time get away from me?  At that time, I was thinking a hospital visit was in my daughter’s future and yea, verily she went into the hospital on the 28th for her eating disorder.  She was mad as a wet hen about it and the doctor’s she had at that time are no longer treating her due to her ‘firing’ them.  I wouldn’t let her get rid of the doctor’s all together so we are seeing a doctor in the same Nashville practice.  I was personally devastated – I am convinced that the doctor she saw saved her life back in October and I was very partial to his style of doctoring.  But I am not the patient and I’ll admit the doctor she is now seeing may be a better match for her.  I’m still undecided about her counselor – we haven’t seen her long enough to know if she will be a good fit or not.  I will say that the doctors she had handled her departure with grace and both the doctor and the counselor helped her to find another doctor/counselor.  Another trip to Nashville is in our immediate future (Tuesday) and I am hoping for the best.  Doctor was clear that she MUST gain weight before this appointment or she would go in the hospital.  I wish I had told the doctor to be clear in what ‘gaining weight’ meant.  K thinks that a quarter pound is a weight gain – I’m pretty sure that won’t fly.  But now she is up at least a full pound (we fight for every gain) – that might be enough to keep her at home.

The horse?  We still have him.  I would like to sell him so that he can have a more horsey life.  He is stuck in a stall every minute of every day unless I go there to let him go into the arena.   He deserves so much better than that.  But I’m getting bids on a fence at my house – I have many acres of prime horse grazing areas and it  would probably be a pretty quick break even point after paying the boarding fee at the barn we are at.  Here is hoping (both Dylan and I have high hopes here!!)……..

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  1. Hi There, Thanks for sending me your latest “I was just saying” post. Once was the time when I always seemed to have everything in order, I have always kept lists of what needed to be done and tackled the most significant projects first. Now I find I still have the list but, only get the easiest tasks performed. Sorry to hear that Kaileigh is still having problems putting on pounds. Hopefully her new doctor and councilor will get her back on track. Most folks wish they had that problem; however, I have had that problem (after radiation treatments) and I can assure them that’s not a pleasant experience. When your Uncle Sam & I went up to visit Uncle Wayne it brought the devastation of this problem was clearly brought home to me. He has lost so much weight that he looks like the holocaust victims looked in the 2nd World War. I believe he is going to die of starvation. They keep a feeding tube hooked up to him all the time but, a totally liquid diet just doesn’t work. He can’t eat any solid food. It’s hard to believe this is your first post since January, time flies doesn’t it!! I think bringing Dylan to your property is a good idea. First off you will lose the stabling fee and secondly it will give Dylan a little more roaming space. I know he would appreciate it. Say hello to the grandkids for me. I got the pool in good shape yesterday so if you all come this way it is ready for swimmers. Hope you have a blessed and joyful day, Jess

    Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 04:46:55 +0000 To: jessrlindsey@hotmail.com

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