Mother’s Day 2013

Mother’s Day has changed a lot as my kids get older.  In the old days, when the kids were much younger, their Dad would take them to the Dollar Store and let them buy me three gifts.  I would get popping rock candy, toys, and other such items that the kids would then ask me to share with them.  I loved their little optimistic faces as I opened the candy they selected for me (their favorite) and shared my gift with them.  Now however, they are old enough to actually put some thought into the gifts they give me.  I even have a 16-year-old who can take them to the mall and I’m not even involved in the transportation.  Of course I reassure them that I don’t need any gifts – a day without arguing would be gift enough!!  But I’ll confess, I love seeing what they come up with.  And I love getting presents although I really don’t want them to spend their limited dollars on me.

This year Kaileigh was the first to bring me a gift.  She started with breakfast in bed – I don’t typically eat breakfast but I never turn down breakfast in bed!  And since it was pretty close to lunch time anyway (I am not an early bird) I took the time to enjoy my brunch.  Then she gave me a collage picture frame with current photos of all three kids.  It truly brought tears to my eyes.  I try to take photos all the time but you would think I was trying to curl their hair with acid the way they react.  But Kaileigh got everyone to pose for a very nice set of photos – I absolutely love her gift.  Then came Lucy – she brought me a lovely set of candles and a new perfume that I have been wanting to get.  Plus she made a card.  Despite her love of horseback riding she has retained her feminine side (I was a total tomboy when I had my horses) and her gifts always reflect that.  Then came Keegan – he likes to satisfy the techno-geek in me.  He got me a Blu-ray player and was willing to pay for it out of his own pocket.  I talked him into accepting partial payment from me to keep it a little more reasonable – he loves buying really nice gifts.  We went bowling later that evening until it was time for me to drop them off at their Dad’s again.  A day like this goes a long way in soothing the savage beast that comes up when it seems like no one can get along for any length of time.  I can see the adults they are becoming and I feel pride at their growing independence and compassion.

On the bittersweet side of Mother’s Day, it is a day in which I fiercely miss my Mom.  Not only the Mom that raised me, but the Mom that carried me for 9 months only to give me up once I was born.  I would love to have another day with them – a day to talk, laugh and to express how much I love them.  There are days that I feel their presence and support but it doesn’t allow for a hug.  Mom and Kate – I love you still and always will…….

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