I think about posting something on this blog every day but then I think about my life and am sure it isn’t interesting enough to warrant a post.  But I’ve decided not to be such a harsh judge of my world.  I’ll just write what comes to mind instead of thinking of this as a diary of sorts.  That will probably be better for everyone!  My mind is such a busy area that I flit from thought to thought without regard for connections.  Perhaps that means I have a creative mind…..or more likely, it is related to ADHD.  In general, I’m a starter, not a finisher and I guess I find it kind of sad that I can’t even finish my thoughts!

I find a food and I love that food for an unspecified amount of time.  Right now it is a certain sandwich that I make here at home.  I love that sandwich and I eat way too many of them.  I love it enough that I bought a loaf of the same bread and the same jar of filling that I have at home and took it to my office.  Funny thing is I don’t like the sandwich nearly as much at my office.  I thought maybe I was at the end of my love for the sandwich but when I came home, I found I still loved the sandwich at home.  When I think about it, I see this is another pattern in my life.  My Mom used to get cookies and offer them to me when I came over for a visit.  I loved the cookies and ended up wanting more.  I wanted more bad enough that I would stop at the grocery store and buy some for my house.  They just weren’t the same at my house.  I didn’t care for them at all once they came into my house.  Interestingly enough (interesting to me anyway!) I would sometimes pick the cookies up for my Mom before visiting.  Those cookies were as good as ever.  It was just when they got into my house that I would no longer like them.  My guess is there was a certain amount of comfort in eating the cookies with my Mom and it just couldn’t be replicated when I ate them at home.  Same with the sandwich.  It is comfort food at home but I don’t get the same comfort when eating the same sandwich at the office.  There are many more similar examples but now I have a strange desire to go and work out.  This feeling doesn’t come over me very often so I better get going before the feeling is gone……….

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